Wilson Hill Station Dharampur & Shankar Waterfall – Hidden Gems Of South Gujarat

[Photos] [Monsoon] Wilson Hills Dharampur and Shankar Dhodh Waterfalls in Monsoon

Wilson Hill Station and Shankar Waterfall stand in an impenetrable forest area near Dharampur in the Valsad district of Gujarat.

Shankar Fall is close to the famous Wilson Hills, a hill station situated in the Pangarbari Wildlife Sanctuary. I had a chance to plan an excursion to Wilson Hills lately. You are missing a good day in your life if you haven’t been at places like Shankar Waterfall and Wilson Hills.

Let me plan a breath to share experience to Wilson Hill Station.

Accommodation [Update]:

Looking for accommodation at Wilson Hills? A homestay option is available now at Wilson Hill Station. Call/message on +91 94295 64808.
Click here for more details.

Major Reform [Update 24-06-2016]:

I’ve published this article back in September 2014. At that time, I was a beginner, stepping into blogging world.

Since then,  a lot has been changed. From my writing to content presentation skills.

I’m reformatting and updating this article to match up with latest information and good presentation. Cheers!

Wilson Hills at Dusk
Wilson Hill Station Dharampur, Gujarat - List of Hill Station In, Near Gujarat

Location of Wilson Hills Dharampur

Wilson Hill Station is located in the forest locality of the Sahyadri mountain range in a village called Vaghval.

Shankar waterfall is just 6 km away from the famous hill station.

Wilson hill station is 32 kilometers away from Dharampur and about 62 km away from Valsad, the district headquarter.


Dharampur is a well-known town for its rich Adivasi (Tribal) culture. It is said that, years ago King Mohanrai built his fort in Dharampur and announced Dharampur as a State. One of the most potent reasons why King Mohanrai chose Dharampur is the evergreen hilly area and absolute natural beauty of Dharampur.

Dharampur region has host of tourist places like,

  • Wilson Hills,
  • Barumal Temple (13th Jyotirlinga of Lord Shiva),
  • Mohangadh Fort,
  • Sahyadri Mountain Range,
  • Kaparada,
  • Shankar Fall,
  • Shirmad Rajchandra Ashram.

Entry gate to Dharampur townShankar Water Fall And Wilson Hills Dharampur Gujarat - DarpanDodiya.com

How to Reach

Wilson hill station has arrangement of smooth tar roads till the end.

If you’re considering public transport, state run GSRTC bus goes straight up to Wilson Hills also.

In my opinion, use of own vehicle is the best way to explore the Dharampur area.


The nearest Railway station is Valsad. State transport buses are frequent between Dharampur and Valsad.

You will find yourself driving 30-40 minutes to get to Wilson Hills from Dharampur town.

CNG pump is present at Dharampur, Vansda and Valsad.

Roads are decent. You’ll have fun driving on zig-zag stretch of 5 km.Shankar Water Fall And Wilson Hills Dharampur Gujarat - DarpanDodiya.com

Distance Matrix

From To Distance in km / Time in hr
Surat Wilson Hills 125 km / 2.30 hr
Valsad Wilson Hills 60 km / 1.30 hr
Dharampur Wilson Hills 130 km / 45 min
Mumbai Wilson Hills
Vadodara Wilson Hills 250 km / 5 hr
Ahmedabad Wilson Hills 375 km / 6.30 hr
Saputara Wilson Hills 70 km / 2 hr

Shankar Water Fall And Wilson Hills Dharampur Gujarat - DarpanDodiya.com

Attractions – What to See

Wilson hills had helping hand of government, so you’ll find some viewpoints and rest huts. Whereas, Shankar falls are as they are. There were few benches earlier, but last time when I went there, I couldn’t find trace of any! 😛

Best time to visit: Monsoon. (Mid June to September end.)

You may find following things wonderful:

  • Water crashing from the height of about 150 feet
  • Scenic landscapes and dense greenery
  • Work and life culture of Adivasis
  • Tall trees protecting the shores of the river

Monsoon is undoubtedly the best time to visit.[Photos] [Monsoon] Wilson Hills Dharampur and Shankar Dhodh Waterfalls in Monsoon

Homestay Accommodation at Wilson Hill Station

Wilson Hills area now has one homestay option as well.

Also, delicious local (Adivasi) food can be enjoyed. You’ll be exposed to local culture and their lifestyle as well during your course of stay.

Call/message on +91 94295 64808 for pricing, bookings and more details.

Typical local house.Shankar Water Fall And Wilson Hills Dharampur Gujarat - DarpanDodiya.com


No food at Shankar Fall.

Wilson Hills has one restaurant on the top. You can curb hunger there.

Based on my personal experience, the food wasn’t upto the mark. It’s better to take own food there and crunch it sitting amongst clouds.

Nearby Places

Shankar Waterfalls – 6 km from Wilson Hill Station[Photos] [Monsoon] Wilson Hills Dharampur and Shankar Dhodh Waterfalls in Monsoon

Barumal  Shiva Temple

Barumal, 10 minutes from Dharampur is actually not just a Shiva temple. It has a wide spread campus hosting a guest house, pretty good canteen, girls’ school cum hostel, podium, walk-through gallery and of course, a huge temple.

Why am I mentioning this temple? Food!

If you fail to find any food in either Wilson Hills or Shankar Falls, Barumal temple can be fill up your empty stomach. It has a canteen.

Barumal temple falls on the Wilson Hill – Dharampur road, 5 km from Dharampur.

Gentle Gesture

Stop your vehicle for a moment to capture the smiles of cute children en-route to Fall.

Dharampur area is tribal, undeveloped area. People in this area are financially not well-off.

I urge you to donate those kids Old clothes, books, toys, whatever you were thinking to dump in your bin.

Shankar Water Fall And Wilson Hills Dharampur Gujarat - DarpanDodiya.com

More Photos

Visit this dedicated post to see more photos: [Photos] [Monsoon] Wilson Hills Dharampur And Shankar Dhodh Waterfalls In Monsoon

Signing Off

My last travel guide of Don Village, Ahwa has received tremendous response from passionate adventurers of South Gujarat. And that has inspired me to write more. Will continue this initiative..

I thank Rahul Thakor for his inputs on this article.

Hill Stations In Gujarat

Read this article, List of Hill Stations In/Near Gujarat for more information.

Explore vibrant Gujarat!



  1. Kavita thawani

    Hi darpan
    Thank u for d loads of Info!

    A few questions-
    Hows first week of jan to visit d place?
    Are there any jungle safaris conducted in d pangarbari reserve?
    If there aren’t how does one visit d reserve? Pemits etc?
    I want to visit d tribal villages n get a feel of d lifestyle etc.. Anyideas on how can i do dat?
    Are d adivasis warlis?

    Thank you so much

    • Hi Kavita!

      1.) First week of January will be okaish. Neither too good, nor too bad. But rest assured, January mornings will not disappoint you.

      2.) No, not that I know of.

      3.) You just go and visit. No need to worry about permits and all.

      Though, a point to note here is that, I’m not an official person of forest department. The thoughts expressed here and solely mine and intended to help adventurous people like you. 🙂

      4.) Again, you just go and visit!

      Upon reaching Wilson Hills, you can inquire locals about homestay/accommodation. The best way to experience their lifestyle/culture is to stay there overnight.

      5.) Yep. Dang & Kaparada area has Varli population.

      Hope that answers your questions. Feel free to ask anything else!

  2. Harshit Mehrotra

    Planning for a college picnic at Wilson Hills. Is it possible to travel via bus? Is there enough parking space for 6-7 buses?

  3. Nirzari

    How to book this.
    Do you have any portal?
    Can I have confirmation?


    plz.send me rout of shankar water falls
    how rich bardoli to shankar waterfalls
    two wheeler driving safe or not
    plz answer me

    • When you are going for Wilson Hills,
      There will be a right turn just before the main gate of the hill (Near village).

      From where Shankar fall is just 6 km away. There are signboards to guide you. You can ask any villager about the route as well.

      To reach Wilson Hills, reach Dharampur first. There are plenty of sign marks to guide you to Wilson Hills.

      Yes, the roads are in perfect shape for two wheeler ride. 🙂

  5. Parag Patel

    Jai Shri Krushna Darpanbhai,

    We are from Vadodara and searching for some place free from ‘shor-gul’ for spend a day or two just after Diwali this year i.e bet 1 to 4th Nov 2016. Will prefer over night stay also if available. Can you pl help us. you can reach me on 98255 67444. Parag Patel

    • Jai Shree Krishna Parag Bhai,

      Kaparada side area of Valsad and Dang area are definitely free from ‘shor-gul’. 🙂

      Since its a busy season, I doubt you’ll get to stay overnight.

      You can try contacting one of the campsites I have listed here: List of Campsites in Gujarat

      Almost all campsites are located at pure natural places, you’d find peace of mind there.

      Any follow up questions are most welcome. 🙂

      Sorry for a little late reply. I always try to reply within 24 hours however since I was on trip for last few days, couldn’t.

  6. Dhaval

    Recently visited Wilson hills. Thanks for recommendations. Really had great time. We also some houses being built, any additional information on that.

  7. Ahmed

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    After regards,

    Can we visit in the first week of October now?

  8. Chetan Desai

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  9. Umarfaruq Bhaidu

    Helo darpan bhai Hame dharampur Hill stations gumne aana he kiya abhi is mosam me achcha he…..

  10. Homestay at Wilson Hills

    We are starting homestay at Wilson Hill Station. Call on +91 94295 64808 for booking and more information.

  11. Maulik Bhalara


    Thanks for exploring another hidden place.

    Can you please provide any contact details/website of the Accommodation (Tents) available nearby if you have any?

  12. Anish

    Thank.you darapn fon lot of information about willson hill

  13. sameer

    hey Darpan
    indeed nice snaps & information..

  14. Traveller

    Hi Darpan,
    Surely its amazing place & similarly nice clicks. Can you write exact route for shankar fall please ?

    • When you are going for Wilson Hills,
      There will be a right turn just before the main gate of the hill (Near village).

      From where Shankar fall is just 6 km away.

      You can ask any villager about the route.

  15. Nailesh Anmi

    Hi Darpan,
    First of all thanks for sharing such wonderful experience.
    I want one favour from you, if you can share contact number of tourist guide from Dharampur which you have mentioned in your experience.

    • Hi, Nailesh!

      Thanks for dropping a note.

      The mentioned person in the post is my friend, Rahul. You can contact him at: +91 9601685290.

      Personally, I don’t think that any trained tourist guide is available in the Dharampur area.

  16. Jatin Shah

    Let me know the weather over there.give me any information about the hotel’s for stay and do they provide jain food . And tell me about some good returns over there .

  17. Shraddha Bhavsar

    Hey darpan can u guide me the route from surat? And is kilad/mahal eco campsites are near? I want to go to shabri dham also! So is this nearby to wilson?

    • Kilad campsite are at about 2-3 hour distance, which I think is not near.

      Shabari Dham is located in the distant areas of The Dangs.

      So, what I suggest is you scrap the idea of Wilson Hills and instead plan a trip to Kilad – Mahal – Shabari Dham – Saputara/Don.

  18. Bhavesh Joshi

    Heii.. Darpan
    M thinking you are nature lover and find happiness from its beauty….
    I wish to suggest some tracking places near Porbandar (Native of M. Gandhiji)
    Abhpara Mountain + Son Kansari + Ashapura Ghumli (Navlakho) + Modpar Fort (all places are almost 40 kms from Porbandar)

    • Hey!

      You’re right. I love natural scenes. 🙂

      Thanks for your recommendations,I I heard the names first time!

      Can you recommend some places near Ahmedabad?

      If you’ve got a link, please share. It’d be really helpful.


    Better information u share I also plan to gong to dharampur thynx ……… Rooms ficelite

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    I need your suggestion, Do you have any idea about Hathgad ? we are planing for night stay with camp fire by this weekend

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  24. Jigar Shah

    Thanks for wonderful narration and guide. If I plan in October end for Wilson and waterfall. Will it be available in this period. Pls advice.

    • You can go to Wilson Hills at any time in the year. It’s always pleasant throughout the year. October end wouldn’t ruin your enjoyment at all.
      I fear about Waterfall. You may not be able to see massive flow of water falling from a height. But that won’t harm the beauty of the place.

      So, yes. You can visit them in October end for sure.

  25. Narendra Patel

    Oh! I wish I had read this article before I went to Wilson Hills. No one in our group of 14 had any idea about this place.

    Your Don Hill Station post is also excellent! I liked the idea of using a lot of images. It gives visitors very clear idea about the place and its surroundings.

  26. Rahul Thakor

    I am thankful to my friends Vaibhav, Kartavya, and Shubham for providing me additional images of the place, and also Darpan for inspiring me to write about the place.

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