Kerala Solo Bike Trip Adventure

July 28, 2019

Story of by my brother, Kunj Dodiya

He went to solo bike trip across the state of Kerala in December 2018. It was a trip full of ups and downs.

Watch it here:

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Countries – My Travel Timeline

June 29, 2019

November 1994IndiaBorn in Gujarat, IndiaBhutanMy first visit to a foreign country! Although Bhutan shares border with India, it definitely felt like a ‘foreign’ place. Took me 23 years to put steps out of India lol. Duration: 5 daysDecember 2017February 2018 PhilippinesIt was a business trip so flights, hotels…

Remove Bixby Bloatware from Samsung Galaxy


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[Guide] Disable/Uninstall/Remove Bixby from Samsung Phones

March 19, 2019
A few months back, I added shiny new Samsung Galaxy S9+ to my gadget list. [Yaay! :D] While Samsung flagships are known for their build quality, looks, camera, display et cetera, Samsung is notorious for adding unnecessary bloatware on their phones. One of such bloatwares that comes pre-installed is their virtual assistant Bixby and its related services. Hell, they even added a physical button for the same. 
The Dangs Cinematic Video


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The Dangs, Gujarat – A Cinematic Perspective!

February 22, 2019

The Dangs is an area in Gujarat. It is a few minutes drive from my hometown, Vansda.

The place has special place for me because it is what made me start this blog. My very first blog post on this website was about, Don Hill Station, a serene hill…


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Notes Travel

The Boarding Pass Nightmare

January 24, 2019

Le me, swiping Instagram stories in morning. 

Le see a photo of airline boarding pass on a friend’s story. 


As you’re reading this, you might have shared boarding pass photo on social media at some point. 

So what’s the drama about?

Exploit from the Insta Story

In order to see what I could…

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