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Best of 2015

March 5, 2016
I started this website in mid 2014. An article on Don Hill Station was the first post. Then, rest of the 2014 I spent wondering what to write next. Comes in 2015. I started with trip to Lothal. Then, rest of the 2015 I didn't wonder what to write! ;) As an when I had a prompt of formatting thoughts into words, I logged into dashboard and started writing. The year turned out to be fruitful and I amassed 1,00,000+ visits. Travel stories I wrote had major contribution in those visits. Best of 2015 : Travel lists most popular stories. This "Best of 2015" will list articles from all categories...


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Collection Travel

Best of 2015 : Travel

March 5, 2016
In year 2015 I travelled to scores of places. More places mean more travel posts. :) A compilation of best among them!
Darpan Dodiya
Raleigh, NC, USA

Hi! I'm Darpan. 24 yr old Software Engineer, now pursuing Masters in Computer Science at NC State University, USA. This is my personal blog to share my interests in travelling, photography, programming and life. Glad to see you here, have a look around the website, you'll enjoy. Drop a comment or reach out to me or get connected via links below. Have a good day! :)

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