Be nice to that delivery guy.


Be nice to that delivery guy. Respect them for their service.

A couple of incidents in recent time have changed my mindset about delivery guys.

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Will It Rain Today? The Answer Lies Here

Featured Image Will It Rain Today The Answer Lies Here

It’s monsoon and this question, ‘Will it rain today?’ will always pop in your head at least once in a day. Now, the weather forecast is not a child’s play. The officials have to collect and analyze an enormous amount of data for hours to say a simple sentence like,

‘Probability of light shower in the evening.’

Luckily, there’s an extremely easy way to do the forecasting yourself! By referring to satellite images provided by IMD. Interesting right?

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Smiling Buddha : A Note

Smiling Buddha Nuclear Experiment : A Note

Smiling Buddha was the assigned code name of India’s first nuclear weapon explosion in 1974. I Googled about it a while back and made an Evernote note of the explosion project of the GOI. The nuclear blasts are one of the most amazing events with a scientific background in Indian history. The preparation – execution was mind blowing.

Sharing it here,

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Kukeri, Chikhli, Gujarat – A Village of Teachers in Navsari


Kukeri is a small village in Navsari district. It houses nearly 5000 people, mostly from the Rajput and Dodiya Patel community. Kukeri is well-connected to Chikhli – the taluka headquarter, Anaval and Vansda by road. A narrow gauge track of Bilimora Waghai line also passes through the village. Most families are well-do, making Kukeri a developed village.

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A Science Magazine is Dead, Jim!

Safari Gujarati English Science Magazine

We all flooded Twitter with our condolences when Paul Walker met with an accident and died. Didn’t we?

We at least posted one status update on Facebook for Indian Cricket Team when they died in the world cup semi final. Didn’t we?

Now, there’s a magazine which also died a few months back. A science magazine. Safari English edition.

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