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The Ultimate ADB Reference Guide – Android Debug Bridge

August 12, 2018

Anyone working with Android development will come across this utility – adb – at one point of time during their development cycle. Android Debug Bridge, acronym-ed as adb is a powerful command line based utility to assist developers during Android app development. While the utility might have been conceived as a debugging utility by Google Engineers, it has set of innovative use cases which could go way beyond as just “debugging” tool.

My first encounter with adb was in the early days of playing around with Android platform, circa 2011. While using xda-developers.com rooting guides, I remember using commands like adb reboot recovery. Being naive that time, I didn’t understood what kinda creature adb was and what it was capable of. Fast forward last couple of years in which I needed to work with Android platform time to time.

With this post, I will try to compile as many adb commands as possible with their examples. Let’s start.





So the last time I tried to learn about adb, the documentation and usages weren’t good and I thought I’d write this long article.

But now searching on Google and skimming through some articles and as well as official Android documentation, I cannot convince myself that I could cover anything in more detail. ADB is already covered in detail. 🙁

Yeah agreed, this is anti-climax scene. I will stop and rather link to the excellent guides. Why reinvent the wheel.

Links to Documentation

So I feel dumb writing this post. No original content as I didn’t see myself qualify to contribute when there were already many good articles on adb. Should’ve Googled earlier!

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    July 10, 2018

    I read your write up on Shabaridham….Excellent one giving full information with photos..Incidentally, you mentioned Lakhubhai…but not the timings ..Is he available for consultation for the full week ? What day is weekly holiday? Urgently please….
    Can you please help.? Thanks & Regards

    • Reply

      Darpan Dodiya

      July 10, 2018


      Thanks for dropping your comment.

      I’m not in touch with topics regarding Dangs anymore, sorry, I couldn’t help unfortunately.


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