3 Tips for Acing Grad School Exams

November 13, 2016

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Taking a grad school exam requires reading, writing, laboratory work, and comprehension levels that are higher than what you have experienced previously. In addition, MCAT prep requires a knowledge of medical terminology that you probably don’t normally use in your everyday life.

You may have successfully completed your undergraduate degree, but now it’s time to take your study skills to another level. In graduate school, and MCAT prep, you will be required to understand the information. At this stage, simple memorization will no longer cut it.

You can’t just “cram” for the MCAT and expect to do well. The tests are longer and very comprehensive. You must have motivation and the ability to synthesize the information you need to know to be successful at the graduate school level. For aspiring medical students, the MCAT can be one of the most difficult tests to surmount. Don’t worry just yet. This guide was created to help you pass the MCAT with flying colors. Keep reading to learn more.

Take multiple practice tests

There are thousands of students who engage in MCAT studies every year. You are not alone. And, when these students pass the test, it is truly a time for celebration. So, it can be done. One of the most effective methods of preparing for acing grad school exams is by taking practice tests. You now know that the MCAT is not a test of pure memorization.

In order to become more comfortable with how the test flows, and the types of questions that will be asked, then you must start taking practice tests. The good news is you can buy multiple practice tests through the Association of American Medical Colleges(AAMC) or through any of these sites. What makes MCAT practice tests so valuable is they are the same tests that have already been administered. As a result, you are taking a real MCAT.

To figure out what level you’re at, start by taking a practice MCAT before you’ve even started studying. Then, take a look at your score. Now, you know how much more studying and practicing you need to perform. It also helps to begin this process at least six months before the actual test. Try to take one or two practice tests each month, with studying in between each test.

Treat your study time like a job

If you’re serious about getting accepted into graduate school, then you need to be just as serious about your study hours. Set aside time each day, during the workweek, for study and make sure you have the discipline to stay the course. Perhaps you set aside four to seven hours per day, depending on how much time you have.

For obvious reasons, the more time you set aside for studying, the better. If you’re having issues with procrastination, check out these four life rules. You might turn off your phone, and any distractions, during this time. No matter how many hours you set aside each day, make sure you use all those hours. Then, reward yourself with something fun afterwards. This will keep you motivated to study every single day until it is time to take the actual test.

Study every question and concept you missed in your practice tests

You’ve probably done well in undergraduate school. Perhaps you know your stuff. Yet, when it comes to MCAT prep, it’s better to be too prepared than to be under-prepared. After each practice test you’ve taken, focus on understanding the questions and concepts you missed.

Then, create a study guide centered on concepts that are difficult for you. Go over every single question you missed, and any question where you guessed the right answer. Add the concepts to your study guide and review during your designated study hours. By following the tips above, you are bound to succeed at the MCAT. Then, you can rest and celebrate with your proud family and friends.

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