Elevate Your Cloud Computing Concepts

Elevate Your Cloud Computing Concepts
February 15, 2013

Professionals with cloud computing skills are in high demand. The median salary for a cloud computing career has reached upwards of $124,300. It’s important for you to have the skills you need to get a job in this industry. Here are some of the best ways to elevate your cloud computing concepts, especially with the use of Microsoft Azure training from home.

Database Skills

Did you know that 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are transmitted every day? There are plenty of businesses that want to make use of this information. That has increased the demand for professionals who can perform these skills. If you want to improve your cloud computing skills, then you need to learn how to access, manage, and store this data.

Since most of these databases are hosted on cloud-computing platforms, it’s time for you to acquire database skills. The most important database language you need to learn is SQL. If you want to become a serious developer in the cloud computing world, then you need to learn Hadoop, MongoDB, or MySQL.

Programming Skills

The world of cloud computing can provide you with a wide variety of programming skills. Developers can learn to build, deploy, and manage cloud applications to make use of the cloud. There have been several programming languages like Perl, Python, and Ruby, all of which have been used to create these cloud-computing solutions.

Meanwhile, traditional languages like Java, .NET, and PHP are still going strong. Python is the easiest place to start for most aspiring programmers. It’s a great way to develop your cloud programming skills at home. Python is a high-level language skill that’s very easy to learn, even if you never coded before in your life.

Linux Skills

There’s an increased demand for cloud professionals with Linux skills. Over 25% of them have developed their skills via Microsoft Azure, which is a Linux-based cloud computing service that allows you to deploy, manage, and test applications and programs through Microsoft-managed data centers. It’s one of the best ways to develop your skills in the comfort of your home.

Companies are looking for professionals who can administer, architect, build, design, and maintain Linux servers in a cloud-based environment. If you want to develop or build on your Linux skills, then consider becoming a Linux Foundation Certified Systems Administrator. It’s the best certification for candidates who want to administer the Linux Server as they build on their open source career.

Information Security

The Certified Information Systems Security Professional is one of the most prestigious certifications to get in the cloud computing industry. This certification is provided by the International Information System Security Certification Consortium Inc. The final exam tests your knowledge in asset security, identity and access management, and software development security.

Quality Assurance

Software quality assurance is another important skill to have in the cloud computing world. It allows developers and producers to ensure that the software they create meets the company’s standards. They also make sure it’s made of high quality. According to a 2014 Forbes survey, software quality assurance is the sixth most requested skill in cloud computing job postings.

Here are the five most important cloud computing skills that you can use to improve your career. Start with one skill and build from there. Even if you need them all to give your career a boost, there will be more opportunities for you. Get your certification to make your resume stand out among your competition.



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