I Tried Instagram Growth Service…

November 27, 2018

…and it really worked. 

My followers @darpandodiya increased from 1800 to just over 3000 in a month. 

Current Instagram Stats of @darpandodiya
Current Instagram Stats of @darpandodiya

Story Time

A while back, I received an email from Justin from Social Network Elite. He asked for a collaboration opportunity with him in exchange for a month of promotions of my Instagram account for free. 

Now usually, I get daily emails about guest posts / sponsored posts / back linking opportunities – but this was something new for me. 

I checked out his website to verify the claims and authenticity. 

Homepage of Social Network Elite

Looks legit. I wondered how it would work:

FAQ of Social Network Elite

To paraphrase the FAQ of how does it work:

We’ve been doing Instagram Marketing for years, and have a proven methodology to grow your online audience. We use your account and follow, unfollow, like, and comment for you. Our strategy ensures that our comments, likes, and follows, will lead to the maximum number of follows within your target audience.

Sounds interesting and legit too. 

Let’s have a trial, I thought. Who doesn’t like more followers, right?

How It Worked 

After we agreed for collaboration, I shared my account details with Justin. 

Soon after, I received an notification from Instagram that I was logged in from a Samsung S7 device located somewhere on east coast of USA. 

Login from Instagram
Login from Instagram

Usually one would expect to be logged in from the official Instagram app while on phone. This login came from Chrome Mobile WebView, so most possibly from a 3rd party app with WebView. 

That was okay for me though, nothing to be freaked out about. 

For the month following of starting promotions, the followers keep pouring in daily. 

The Outcome

Here’s a report from Social Blade with daily followers statistics of last 15 days. 

As it is apparent from the report, there was a constant increase in followers each day. 

Social Blade Report
Social Blade Report

Before I started this service, I was standing on the count of about 1900 followers. 

A month after, I had about 3000. So an increase of 1100 followers in a month. The followers I saw were mostly real too, this was huge for me. As I knew almost all other apps currently present in market do offer followers but they are mostly fake ones. A pleasant surprise indeed. 

Side Effects

There were almost none. 

One clever trick I observed that was being used by Social Network Elite was muting posts and stories of those whom they started following from my account. 

In essence, I had no practical impact on my Instagram user experience. I was able to browse my feed and use Instagram as usual while the service worked in parallel for me. 

I mentioned “almost” none, as there was quite an increase in the number of accounts I was following by end of the term. Before starting the service, I was following about 800 accounts, now that number hovers around 1600. Not a major problem though. 

Overall, I was pretty impressed by the service. Justin was professional in his no-bullshit email communications and the business model was genuine too.



November 25, 2018

January 23, 2019

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    January 10, 2019

    Hey, I liked your blogs. I am happy that there are people who are interested in talking about nadiad. Great to hear about it. I just had concern, did you saw any remains of step wells in nadiad?
    Please do reply, as I am working on historical nadiad as part of my dissertation project. I am doing my masters.

    Thank You,

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      Darpan Dodiya

      January 15, 2019

      Hi Kusum,

      Somehow the WordPress system has sent your comment to spam folder. I happen to see it just now.

      Please check your email, I believe I have responded to you a few days back regarding this.


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