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Koshmal Waterfalls – Hidden Treasure in Dangs

August 11, 2017
One day, we were out in Dangs. We were wandering lavishly on the roads with no place in mind. My brother, Kunj then suggested that we go to a village, Koshmal. It was a remote village in Dangs. And supposedly, it was known to have the highest waterfall of Gujarat.
OMDb Facebook Messenger Bot


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Chatbot Chronicles: OMDb Facebook Messenger Bot

August 8, 2017
Chatbots are the next big thing in the hot Artificial Intelligence market.  For the uninitiated, chatbots are artificial intelligence powered (or rule based) computer programs that can mimic human behavior while interacting with actual humans. In simpler words, chatbots are smart programs that can talk to a human in humanly way. I had a free weekend so I decided to develop such chatbot.
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Breaking Up With © Copyright 2017

August 5, 2017
I used to have © 2017 Copyright Darpan Dodiya everywhere to prevent misuse of the content I post here on this website. Today, [5th August, 2017], I've decided to part ways with that licence.
Featured Photo Saputara Monsoon Festival


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Saputara Monsoon Festival 2017 [Updated]

August 1, 2017
Saputara Monsoon Festival 2017 is a month long event, organized and promoted by tourism department. The monsoon festival begins in August month every year. This year it will held between August 12 to September 12. The festival features plentiful events, activities and cultural programs in 30 days. Local Dangi food items and spectacular cultural shows portraying lifestyle of Adivasis are most exiciting events of the festival. From 10 year old kids to 90 year old grandma, the festival guarantees good time for everyone. Exact dates for 2016 edition of Saputara Monsoon Festival are yet to be announced, I expect it to start from either 1st or 8th August. Tourism department also holds special tour packages during monsoon festival.
Featured Tri Mandir Adalaj Gujarat


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Trimandir, Adalaj – Non-Sectarian Temple by Dada Bhagwan

July 30, 2017
Trimandir is the innovative concept of a non-sectarian temple by Dada Bhagwan. It aims to bring the gods of Jainism, Shaivism, and Vaishnavism on one stage.  Trimandir Adalaj is a temple built on contemporary thoughts.
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