Saptashrungi Devi Temple Vani – A Photo Tour, History & Story

Featured Photo - Saptashrungi Mata Temple Vani Photos, Story, Devi Photos, History

Saptashrungi Gadh is a Hindu pilgrimage site near Nashik, Maharashtra. The name ‘Sapta’ stands for ‘Seven’ and ‘Shrunga’ for ‘Peaks’. Thus, the temple is surrounded by seven hills. Saptashrungi temple is one of the 51 Shakti Peethas in India. A large number of devotees visit the place every day.

On one bright Sunday morning, mom pinned a one-day-trip plan to Saputara and Saptashrungi. Within a couple of hours, I was driving our Alto 800 on the hilly terrains. As there’s decent travel information about Saptashrungi Devi is already available on the web, I’d not reiterate. Instead, let me share some photos I and Kunj (My 14 yr. old brother) took during the trip…

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Galteshwar Mahadev Temple : A Scenic 3-Hour-Trip Destination Near Dakor

Featured Image Galteshwar Mahadev Temple Near Dakor Gujarat

Galteshwar, situated on the confluence of the rivers Mahi and Galti hosts a Shiva temple from the Solanki era. About 16 km from temple town of Dakor, the place is declared as ancient and cultural heritage site by the ASI. Thus, elevating Galteshwar as a picnic cum pilgrimage destination near Anand, Nadiad or Vadodara.

We set out for Galteshwar on one scorching afternoon after finishing one of the many internal exams of DDU. Those 3 hours of the mini trip were full-of-fun. Want to know why? Go ahead. 🙂

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The List of Hill Stations In, Near Gujarat

Cover - List of Hill Station In, Near Gujarat

It’s May and Summer is on the top! Yeah, and vacations too! In the old times, the Britisher officers in India weren’t able to face the heat of our ablaze sun, so they were used to take a leave of two months, April, May and go out for a vacation on one of the hill stations of India. The reason why many of India’s hill stations are influenced by the British colonial.

Well, all talk and folklores aside, let’s make the list!

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Kukeri, Chikhli, Gujarat – A Village of Teachers in Navsari


Kukeri is a small village in Navsari district. It houses nearly 5000 people, mostly from the Rajput and Dodiya Patel community. Kukeri is well-connected to Chikhli – the taluka headquarter, Anaval and Vansda by road. A narrow gauge track of Bilimora Waghai line also passes through the village. Most families are well-do, making Kukeri a developed village.

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TTW: Travel To Write

TTW - Travel To Write Featured Image

A method I’ve been following for over a year. The results are mesmerizing, journeys are much more joyful now. Continue reading further to enhance your travel experience..

TL; DR: Visit the destination with a plan to write a detailed travelogue about the place later on.

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