I undertook several projects to learn technologies and in some cases, earn. Here’s a directory of things I have done till now.


Time Table Scheduler

A command line based C program which generates slot wise timetable upon entering faculty and subject details. My first program which exceeded 1000 lines of code!


December 2013

Placement Portal

A web-based application that handles the campus placement process. Programmed in PHP scripting language, this portal offers

Student enrollment
CV collection for whole batch
Advanced searching mechanism
Automatic backup system
Profile management
Neat notification system
Export records to Excel sheet
Export profile to PDF format
Secure login

The project took 3 months due to the tight schedule of the college. The team consisted of me, Tanmay Rajani and Joel Pinto. As our primary target was to learn the technologies, we didn’t use any framework and coded most of the modules of our own. It has sparked an urge in me to dig deeper into the niche of web development.

January – March 2014

Felicific '14 College Techfest Website
After the successful implementation of Placement Portal, I was included in the web development team of annual tech and cultural fest’s website.

Our focal point was, the visual appearance. We used the Metro themed (Windows 8) tiles layout to present department and events. The back-end part was implemented with PHP and MySQL. We developed a lightweight version for mobile devices and the IE.

This time, however, the project took mere 10 days to complete due to experienced team lead by seniors. The team members: Hiren Mayani, Shaunak Sangdod, Tanmay Rajani, Kartik Gevariya and me.

March 2014

View on web:

DDU EGov Bot
An automated web application that eliminates the need to login into the student account of our university to get results. One tap solution.

DDU has a dense exam pattern. 1 major test / month, thus, to get notification of the result, I had to login to my account every time, click on several other links. Meanwhile, I got to know about the CURL class library of PHP. After a week of learning and coding, I found a way to get results in just one tap of the link. I used pure HTML and CSS, resulting into the extremely lightweight interface. The Google PageRank gave me >98% score consistently.

In the next iteration of development, I created a functionality using cron jobs that would send an email to me when there’s an update. This is one of my personal favorite projects.

Watch it: [After my graduation, this link is no longer active.]

April 2014

School Website - Shantaba Vidyalaya
A neatly designed, fully featured and content rich website of Shantaba Vidyalaya.

After learning PHP, it was the time to learn and develop a professional site using WordPress. Once I finished reading WordPress for Dummies book, I realized that the best way to learn WordPress is, to directly jump into the development phase. I followed the suit, bombarded with hurdles, Googled the problem and was ready with the website within a week.

WordPress is no doubt the best CMS out there. In the case of tight schedule, one can make a full-fledged site within hours! Nevertheless, it took me 5 days to finish the task. This project had taught me well that designing site ain’t the end of the story. There’s also SEO, graphics’ optimization, marketing..


June 2014

DDU CSI Student Branch Website
DDU has a student chapter of Computer Society of India, which organizes seminars and workshops periodically to leverage practical knowlegde of CE IT students. The website reflects the committee’s past work, future plans.

WordPress once again! As I had reasonable experience with WordPress ecosystem, the development went smooth. A weekend was enough to put the renovated site live on the web. I collaborated with Tanmay Rajani to do this feat.

See it in action:

July 2014

Studio Blacksmith - Preparing Individuals and Institutions for 2020
Modern looking and visually stunning website for a firm that mentors people to outperform their potential. It’s targeted to both corporate world and rural areas.

I put my hands on WordPress and the rest was not a difficult task. A couple of weeks of work during busy college days and the site was all ready for deployment.

Explore it:

August 2014

SidArchie Palace - A Premium Saputara Hotel
A decent and comprehensive site covering the minutest details about the hotel stationed in Gujarat’s popular hill station, Saputara.

As I had experience of developing 4 websites using WordPress, this project ended flawlessly. Each of my projects has taught me a plethora of things. With this I got to know about the hotel business, lodging and tourism sector thoroughly.

Web address:

October 2014

Felicific '15

Time for Felicific again! But this time as a lead developer. I focused on the mobile version of the site.

Prior to the development, we had decided that we will neither use any CMS (Like WordPress) nor any database (To store the event data). Thus, we choose JSON to store all the data of the fest and to embed the data into the html pages, {{mustache}} js.

I learned JavaScript, jQuery, JSON (Format and implementation) in the course of development. As we didn’t use any server-side scripting language, the full site can function incredibly well with a simple web server.

A great learning experience for me.

Dive In:

February 2015

EGov Tools

EGov Tools was my SDP – Software Development Project during the 6th semester. The originally assigned project was, Result Notification System, in which the system should send an email whenever there’s a new update in the result of the users. However, after implementing the notification functionality, I felt that the system should’ve more useful features.

Thus, I worked on more modules and came up with some, such as One Tap Score, My Graph and Access ID.

Throughout the development, I learnt
• Web crawling techniques
• Dealing with graphs and charts
• SMTP and outbounding mass mails
• PHP cron jobs..

The web application is an all-you-need tool for any DDIT student. It is being actively used by more than 500 students across various semesters and faculties.

Visit it here: [After my graduation, this link is no longer active.]

April 2015

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