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How to Install, Setup and Use AndroidViewClient on Windows

August 21, 2018
Step by step tutorial on setting up AndroidViewClient on Windows machines. AndroidViewClient is a python library and tools that simplifies test script creation and android test automation, providing higher level operations and the ability of obtaining the tree of Views present at any given moment on the device or emulator screen and perform operations on it. AndroidViewClient is commonly used to create tests scripts but can be in stand-alone scripts as well. Test script creation can be even further simplified and automated by using Culebra. Culebra is a sweet tool!

Scraping Off VNSGU Exam Results

August 1, 2018
During my schooldays, I had a classmate. Let's call him/her X. We always used to compete fiercely for 1st rank in school exams. Fast forward school. Now in college. 3 years zoomed off, I didn't hear anything about X. As humans, we tend to be interested in stories of our old rivals. I'm no different. I wanted to know how X has been doing in college. In India, exam results are often indication of one's brilliance and success. Though, I thoroughly disagree with that notion, I started to wonder, is there any way I could get results of X? It could be a good weekend project.

Logging & Monitoring Life: The Smartphone Way

April 15, 2016
When I was in 10th standard I thought of keeping track of my preparations and started writing a diary. Back then I used to log major daily events, study progress & happenings in a full scape notebook. Over the span of years I realized the importance of logs and started monitoring a few more affairs. Now, I use my phone to supervise everything. In this post, I'd share how exactly I do all these things with my Xiomi Redmi 1S Android device.
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IFTTT – Automate Your Life, Let The Internet Do Work For You

October 3, 2014
IFTTT or 'If This Then That' is a web service that automates various internet tasks using triggers and actions. It aggregates many web apps into one place and can then execute actions given a specific set of criteria. IFTTT makes the web both scrumptious and ridiculously powerful, and I am going to show you how to brew up some deliciously useful recipes, as well as highlight some awesome IFTTT tasks that others have already created.