The B&W Store: Photos Of Binary Colors And Space

Crafting photos using two colors, an object and space.

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The Branch Store: Filling In Frame Using Colors, Branches and Space

Welcome to The Branch Store!

This is 3rd installment in line of photography stores. Previously, I’ve opened:

Silhouette Store
Sunrise & Sunset Store
As the title opens up, photo frames in this store have been filled by tree branches, vibrant colors and free space.

No more talks…have a look around! 🙂

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Haranbari Dam, Satana, Nasik, Maharashtra Dam: A Place For Photography


Information of Haranbari Dam, Satana, Nasik, Maharashtra Dam is being updated. Check back after some time to get updated content. Till then, enjoy the photos! Related: Learn Photography               Continue With: You Don’t Need A DSLR! Photo Essay at Valsad Railway Station Hill Stations Near Surat Web Hosting For Your Grandma! Breaking Down PNR

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[Photos] [Monsoon] Devinamal Eco Tourism Campsite Dang, Gujarat in Monsoon


This is photo gallery of Devinamal Campsite during monsoon season. Visit this Devinamal Eco Tourism Campsite In Dang article to read full details of the campsite.

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Sunrise & Sunset Store: Masking Sun With Lens

Sunrise & Sunset Store - Masking Sun With Lens - 15

Ever since I made entry in photography arena, about a year back, capturing silhouettes has always been my favorite genres. Silhouettes are closely related with sun. Though, it’s not necessary to have sun for silhouettes, having sun in frame dramatically changes appearance of the scene.

I posted a gallery, Silhouette Store, a couple of months back. It’s 25th December, Christmas today. Holiday. Days after, I’m having some spare time to be spent. So I wondered, why not pull out some shots of sun from hard disk and post it down here?

Thus, here I go…welcome to Sunrise & Sunset Store!

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