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[Photo Story] Aamra Van at Dharampur, Valsad, Gujarat

June 18, 2017
Photo walk of newly opened Aamra Van in Nana Pondha town of Dharampur, Valsad. Aamravan is developed by Forest Department of Valsad, Gujarat.

Photo Scribblings at Valsad Railway Station

May 10, 2017
...So I was at Valsad Railway Station at one afternoon, waiting for train to Hyderabad, with an hour to spare. I took a walk around the station and whenever I found something interesting, I kept tapping shutter button of phone (OnePlus X). I love observing people and scenes! Following are the captures that ended up in gallery before I hopped into train.

The Ultimate List Of Places In/Near Valsad, Gujarat

May 9, 2017

Tithal beach
Swaminarayan Temple (Valsad)
Shri Sai Baba Temple (Valsad)
Iranshah Atash Behram (Udvada)
Shri Swami Narayan…


Jodiya Waterfalls, Bilpudi, Dharampur

August 20, 2016
When I was preparing list of waterfalls in Gujarat, I came to know about Jodiya waterfalls, Bilpudi, Dharampur. At that time, Bilpudi waterfalls were unknown to most people. Little did I know they would turn out as major attraction in monsoon 2016. Bilpudi waterfalls are origin of Swargvahini River, which passes through Dharampur town. Updating this article with good photos and more details to help out travelers.

Wilson Hill Station Dharampur & Shankar Waterfall, Gujarat

June 24, 2016
Wilson Hill Station and Shankar Waterfall stand in an impenetrable forest area near Dharampur in the Valsad district of Gujarat. Shankar Fall is close to the famous Wilson Hills, a hill station situated in the Pangarbari Wildlife Sanctuary. I had a chance to plan an excursion to Wilson Hills lately. You are missing a good day in your life if you haven't been at places like Shankar Waterfall and Wilson Hills. Let me plan a breath to share experience to Wilson Hill Station.