Ajmal Gadh, Vansda: A Maratha & Parsi Heritage Hill Top

Featured image - Ajmal Gadh

Ajmal Gadh is a heritage hill top in the Sahyadri mountain ranges nearby Vansda town of Navsari district. Ajmalgadh was used as cantonment by Shivaji and as a protection center by Parsees. Surrounded by lush green landscapes, Ajmal Gadh makes a pleasant destination from Navsari, Valsad or Surat.

For me, it’s like a heritage home. Just 10 minutes from where I live, Umarkui. A visit to the top is almost always certain in every vacation.

The Golden Hours…

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Jagdishchandra Bose Aquarium, Surat: Multidisciplinary Underwater Aquarium

Jagdishchandra Bose Aquarium Surat - Places To See - Travel Places - Tourism In Surat

Located at Jagdishchandra Bose Udyan at Adajan, Surat Aquarium is an excellent attraction of the city. More than 100 species are displayed in 52 specially designed eco-tanks. Jagdish Chandra Bose Aquarium, Surat is the first multidisciplinary underwater aquarium of its kind in the country.

The whole place can be covered in 2 hours. Kids, adults, senior citizens – all would enjoy the vivid creatures. All necessary travel amenities like drinking water, information booth, canteen, lavatory handy.

Let’s go on virtual tour!

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Pampa Sarovar, Shabaridham: Maha Kumbh Hosting Lake

Featured Image - Pampa Sarovar Shabaridham A Maha Kumbh Hosting Lake - 1

Pampa Sarovar (Lake) is located on the banks of river Poorna, 6 km from Shabari Dham. Matang Rishi, the Guru of Shabari Mata had established his Ashram near the Pampa Sarovar. The place hosted Shabari Mata’s Maha Kumbh in 2006. Pampa lake is mentioned in Ramayana also as Pushtharini.

Pampa Sarovar is popular thanks to its mythological importance and is frequented by visitors from Maharashtra, Gujarat (Valsad, Navsari and Surat).

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Anjan Kund: The Parvat Where Hanumanji Was Born

Featured Image - Ajnani Kund Parvat Hanuman Born Ahwa Dang 4

Anjani Kund (or Anjani Parvat) is a village near Ahwa related to various mythological stories. The villagers of Dang district believe that Lord Hanumanji was born in a cave of the Anjani mountain. Dang area was known as ‘Dandkaranya – દંડકારણ્ય’ in the Ramayana period. Shabari Dham proves this claim.

I paid a quick visit to the place in this summer. Reached there in the middle of noon, so there were no visitors. No water in the river or in the kund. Took a few photos, talked with one resident of the Anjani village and…

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Vacation Publishing Spree


Publishing Spree! Weird tag right? Here’s the dissection:

I have this habit of taking notes, either mentally or in a phone, whenever I visit a new place. Be it a travel destination, a coffee shop or a village street.

Now, I love to travel.
That implies that visits to bunch of destinations is obvious.
It further details that many notes must have been taken.

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