Marine National Park & Sanctuary, Jamnagar

Marine National Park Jamnagar Cover

Marine National Park in the Gulf of Kutch is situated on the southern shore of the Gulf of Kachchh in the Devbhumi Dwarka District of Gujarat state, India.

In 1980, an area of 270 km2. from Okha to Jodiya was declared Marine Sanctuary. Later, in 1982, a core area of 110 km2 was declared Marine National Park under the provisions of the Wildlife (protection) Act, 1972 of India. There are 42 islands on the Jamnagar coast in the Marine National Park, most of them surrounded by reefs.

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Getting Rid of Cold without Pills

Featured Getting rid of cold

This post has been inspired from: Remove cold without medicine – An excellent writeup by Bhavya Gandhi.

I read his post in April 2016, changed my daily routine as suggested in his article and well – it worked!

Earlier, once in every 3 months, I was used to get hit by cold. Cold would block nostrils for at least for week, and then would go away naturally. Apparently Bhavya had same issue. I followed his suggestion, now it is August 2016 and I’m yet to experience cold attack!

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Girafall Waghai : Gujarat’s Most Popular Waterfalls

New Featured Image Girafalls Wanarchod

Gira Waterfall Waghai – you will always hear this name if you hear conversation regarding waterfalls in Dang, Gujarat area. Gira Dhodh, located in Wanarchod village near Waghai is one of the best places to visit in Gujarat during monsoon season.

Girafalls are often mis understood with Girmal falls. Both are in Dang but located far away from each other.

‘Gira’ falls are near Waghai, on Waghai Saputara state highway.

‘Girmal’ waterfall is in Girmal village, near Ahwa.

An excellent place for relaxing from busy city life.

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9diad: Decoding 9 Lakes, 9 Exits, 9 Stepwells of Nadiad!

Nadiad - Exploring City of Nine, Photos, Travel Places, Tourist Attractions, Lakes of Nadiad, Gujarat

Nadiad! The city of nine! Quoting Wikipedia: “There are 9 villages or towns located to all the 9 roads that exit from Nadiad; 9 step wells around the city; and 9 lakes in the city.”

Having been in the city for 4 years, one day during lectures I wondered, Why not decode the number 9? Why not go and see all those lakes, wells and roads? And the seeds were planted. And soon, the thought turned into reality.

As Paulo Coelho said, Don’t be someone who searches, finds and then runs away. I won’t run away. Unveiling our act of exploration…The 9diad!

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Jagdishchandra Bose Aquarium, Surat: Multidisciplinary Underwater Aquarium

Jagdishchandra Bose Aquarium Surat - Places To See - Travel Places - Tourism In Surat

Located at Jagdishchandra Bose Udyan at Adajan, Surat Aquarium is an excellent attraction of the city. More than 100 species are displayed in 52 specially designed eco-tanks. Jagdish Chandra Bose Aquarium, Surat is the first multidisciplinary underwater aquarium of its kind in the country.

The whole place can be covered in 2 hours. Kids, adults, senior citizens – all would enjoy the vivid creatures. All necessary travel amenities like drinking water, information booth, canteen, lavatory handy.

Let’s go on virtual tour!

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