Koshmal Waterfalls – Hidden Treasure in Dangs

Koshmal Waterfalls - Hidden Treasure in Dangs Blog Cover

One day, we were out in Dangs. We were wandering lavishly on the roads with no place in mind.

My brother, Kunj then suggested that we go to a village, Koshmal. It was a remote village in Dangs. And supposedly, it was known to have the highest waterfall of Gujarat.

Why not? So we set out to reach there…

Story to be continued. Due to lack of time, I’m pausing the post here. Will update soon whenever I get free time.

UPDATE 10th July, 2017





















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pragnesh pandya
pragnesh pandya

Dear Darpan you shared a very vary useful information for nature lovers. Really, appreciated your efforts.
Should our group go at kosmal waterfall in this season (July month). Is there stay facility nearby ? Please share more information about the new place. Which one is best waterfall to visit giramal or kosmal ?
Once again thank you for information for all your posts.


cover photo looks awesome!

waiting for full post darpan bhai..


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