List of Tourist Places to Visit In/Near Dakor

Featured Image Galteshwar Mahadev Temple Near Dakor Gujarat

Dakor city is well known for its grand temple of Shree Ranchhodraiji. Dakor is one of the most visited pilgrimage site in Ahmedabad/Nadiad/Anand/Vadodara area.

I’ve been to Dakor multiple times. Earlier in school days, when every educational tour had stop at Dakor. (Mostly because of ample availability of Dharamshalas.) Then in recent times, as my engineering college is located in Nadiad, 40 km from Dakor, I had pleasure of visiting this holy place with an awesome friend of mine, Chintan Patel.

I’ll list down tourist places to see in/near Dakor. This collection of places will be handy for you on your visit to Dakor.

The List of Places

Also, there’s no point of visiting Dakor if you do not try out the ultra famous, “Dakor Na Gota

If you know any other interesting place near Dakor city, please comment it down. I’d add it to the list.


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